Mom is in complete denial that anything is wrong, but it is obvious to her children and anyone familiar with dementia. She is still at a stage where she can do most things herself, but needs a lot of help. I moved in with her last year, but she wishes I hadn't. She is also narcissistic and the constant manipulation is wearing on me. (Although I try to tell myself it is the illness, I fight with her belief that nothing is wrong. I have my own illnesses to deal with and she pushes me into flareups everyday! )

I am not sure that a diagnosis would help me, but we can do nothing to plan for her future without her cooperation. How can I convince her it will help to get a diagnosis, or can I go around her to get one? Her GP is not helpful and thinks it is unethical for her to get involved.

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Hi Weeroo.

I am sorry you have been facing some roadblocks in your effort to help your mom. Do you currently have a Power of Attorney for her? If not, contacting a local elder law attorney may be helpful.

I hope you find this information helpful.
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