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Ohhshun, I see from your profile that your Mom is only 73 years old and she has Alzheimer's/Dementia. Is your Mom in the early stages of memory loss or is she advanced? Is she a flight risk? A fall risk?

As MargaretMcKen had asked, are you talking about 3 shifts of caregivers at home, or to move Mom to Assisted Living/Memory Care?

It's not easy to convince a parent to either have caregivers or to move to senior living. I know my Mom refused both big time. Like many of us, we had to wait for a serious medical situation where our parent had no choice but to go from the hospital to Assisted Living or long-term-care.... [sigh].
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Are you talking about 24/7 at home, or in a facility? If it’s at home, please check the costs carefully first, and also the effort involved in keeping it all organised. If it’s about a move to a facility, you may need to drop down the things you do now to keep up the illusion of ‘independence’, so that AL starts to look like an improvement on her current situation.
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HOw old i she? does she want to be waited on? Most people do notl like the idea they are helpless.

So, you tell them it's a 24 hour spa, whatever they want the first 12 hours of the first day is good. after that, they the other spa caretakers will help out. you may have more fun, and do normal things, but you get to partake in the exercise room, walk to get meals, coffee, and do some a movie, figure out a puzzle or a key.. tie your shoes. YEAH !!!


Next weeks suprise gift is a puzzle. or play ball with me for /12 Hour.
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