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I am in the process of choosing a Medicaid care agency for my mom under the Aged and Disabled waiver program. I will be her 24hr in-home caregiver. I have called all the agencies on the provided list and have been able to narrow them down. Since I am going to be employed by the agency, how do I know they will be a good fit for myself and mother? I am about a year into caregiving and I have never worked in health care, so this is all new to me.

Beyond calling, I've researched the agency websites, if any, the forum here,, BBB, Google reviews, etc. A lot of these places have very minimal or no info and many seem to have started business in the last year. I've also asked my MIL to ask a friend who could possibly have insight, but I haven't gotten a response yet. Is there anything else I can do to find the right agency besides going off my gut feeling?

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With all the research you've done, at this point, going with your gut feeling is probably a good way to handle things. Remember, you're not committing yourself for the rest of your life! Pick one agency, and reply graciously in writing to the other agencies. That way, if you decide later that you're not happy with your selection, you won't have completely burned bridges with the others. And if you are not happy with your decision, give it some time so you will not appear to be "hard-to-please" and/or capricious.
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Hang in there. Someone maybe able to answer this.

I know that the State of PA has a program like this. You are trained and then become an employee of the agency.
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