I need to learn how to change an adult diaper?


I need to learn how to care for a patient who is always in bed. I want to learn how to re position them turn them roll them transfer them and change their diaper please. A patient who cannot help during care. Any advice please I will appreciate it.

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I am a former care giver for a tetra c5 c6 did round the clock nursing with one hour of off time coverage a week.I am also a former Paramedic/ Firefighter.

moved on to care for my grandparents and then as much as possable for my Mom who kept me in the dark so that she could appear to die suddenly, so as to not have me carry my Biologic Mother and my Adoptive Mother to their death she felt i would have no quality of life beyond her death if she allowed me to do my sworn duty as her son. She is smiling right now as i am relatively a sarcastic humorous guy and the 8th anniversary of her passing just went by, so she is thrilled somewhere that i have survived 8 years, because shortly after her diagnoses of cancer and me taking her for a double radical mastectomy, i was diagnosed with ALS and was not expected to live to see Christmas the following year 2006 and this was November of '04( they missed the real diagnosis by a fraction of a hair,its two rare diseases that interact to almost perfectly mimic ALS). I am IC as well doing the Catheter and diaper shuffle.

I am myself now 47 and dying via a series of rare diseases, I live partly in bed and partly in my power chair, never imagined i would "grow up" to be a high function quad due to illness not injury. I am lucky in that i have a full electric hospital bed at home ( my aide is lucky as well) and i can still manage up hill down hill transfers pretty much unaided unless it is a terrible day.

So if you have any specific questions i can address them from as you can well imagine both the carer and the caree's POV. So here is your shot at asking anything on your mind from diapering & transfers all the way to the knitty gritty of what the patient thinks about well care is given.

So ask me anything, and i will answer Honestly from both sides of the bed rail.
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About changing the brief of someone who is in bed, get brief's that have sticky tabs on the side rather than the kind that slide on like underwear. That will make things much easier.
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ohJude is right. YouTube IS great for demonstrations. The only drawback is that the demonstrations are done with 2 healthy people. Yes, in the demonstration we're supposed to imagine that the person in the bed is a bed-bound, elderly person and not the 22 year old nursing student we see but it's still a good way to get somewhat of an idea on how to care for someone in bed. Use the videos as a guideline rather than gospel and you'll learn what works best for you and the person you're caring for.
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Rose... Glad is right you tube off the best information but let me tell you up front some of them have the most compliant patients/actors you ever wish to see and it might just not go quite that well when you do it for the first time...or the second....but practice makes perfect. Google the following and the info will come up:
You tube followed by:
Tips on changing the bed of a bedridden person
Nursing: Roll a Patient on Their Side
Patient Care Skills Turning and Positioning Turning to Sidelying
Applying Adult Diapers & Briefs in a Lying Position

You have to love this one
CNA Nursing Skill: Perineal Care Female, Peri Care highly compliant dummy!

You are going to need to mix these videos to get to the answer you want but the one thing I did notice was they almost all used raisable beds - like we all have one of those in our home!
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Do a search on YouTube. Lots of videos out there.
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