How to celebrate even when your stuck in the house and can't go out? Christmas is going to be very limited this year since I can't get out much. I have no one to drive me. I have a car, but I know I will be stuck with Mom on Christmas Eve. Dad will be with his side for a while who I don't like care for, so it's going to be a long day not looking forward to it.

Can you clarify what you mean by having a car but no one to drive. Do you drive? How long will your dad be at his side of the family?

Can you plan to meet with friends before or after his outing? What about picking another time for yourself to be with others, like Christmas Eve?
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The first Christmas we were here, I met a neighbor who I learned would be alone on Christmas. I invited her to our home and she accepted and even brought a bottle of wine. We had a wonderful time! Would you consider having someone to your home who has nowhere else to go?
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NeedHelpWithMom Nov 21, 2019
Joy, that is so sweet of you to invite your neighbor. Especially with a bottle of wine to have a toast and enjoy the holiday.
Don't get so stuck on "the day" - Christmas can be what you make of it, there are lots of holiday programs, religious services and music available on TV, radio and the internet and you can decorate and make a festive meal for two and fill your time with phone calls and video chats OR allow yourself to completely ignore it if that works for you. Do try to arrange to get out on other days to connect with family and friends though - I hope you get respite often??
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