She is in hospital now coming home tomorrow. I need to learn how to take care of her?

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If she is totally bedfast, she is likely going to qualify for hospice - whether it's at home hospice or hospice in a facility (a NH). Ask her MD for a hospice referral. Hospice is a Medicare benefit.

Now hospice will provide for some help - maybe an nurse or aide 2-4 times a week and provide for equipment needs (specialized bed & mattress, perhaps a lift or gerichair) & if she is doing at home hospice, hospice will require 24/7 family available for all the other caregiving. Really think carefully IF you can do 24/7 and want to essentially make caregiving 24/7 your life. Someone 86 and bedfast is likely not to ever get better as there will be all sorts of issues due to becoming bedfast.

As Babalou asked, Why is she not bring discharged from her hospitalization to a facility for "rehab"??? Rehab after hospitalization is standard practice & a covered benefit by Medicare with 100% payment for first 21 days and 80% for a max of 100 days. Why isn't this bring done? Why was her placement in a skilled nursing facility -a NH - not considered by family?
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Is there a reason that she's going home and not to rehab or to a longterm care facility?
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