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Long distance is difficult. Realistically how often will you be coming in? That will make a difference in your approach imho.

For banking, how does mom bank now? More than 1 bank and does the bank have locations in CA. I bet not and this will be the challenge. See if you can get all of mom's accounts condensed into 1 bank if she has more than that. If she has CD's or other timed deposits at more than 1 bank, this can take a while to get them moved to a single bank. Then have that bank also be one that is also in your state and sign up for on-line everything but still have traditional checks too. Have all her income done direct deposit too. You want the account to be a POD (pay on death account with you or whomever is named her executor in her will as the one to get the POD $$) and have it such that all the money in it is her's and only hers (you never know if she may have to apply for Medicaid). You kinda need to go to the bank with her in OK and get all this done. The banks are leery and most won't do anything without the elder there with their ID and you with your ID. They may request that the bank officer speak with mom on her own just to be on the safe side that she agrees with what all is happening.

I'd go to your local CA branch and tell a bank officer your plan to see if they can clear a path for you ahead of time for OK. All this will make your life easier.

About her address, you can have everything done with a change of address to you in CA. But you might like the idea of mom maintaining an address in her home state. Most cities have free-standing mailing & mail box stores. UPS has them but almost always there is a mom&pop store in even smaller towns. I'd go there and get a box for mom and all her mail goes there. That is her new address for all her bills and non AL account (they will bill you), sweet talk the owner into sending you a Fed Ex envelope once a month with mom's mail to you (unless you go into see her on a regular basis). You give them a c.c. to do this or you can get a FedEx account started to do this. It keeps everything together and easier to pay or deal with as it's all together. Good luck and keep a sense of humor in all this.

Many facilites have residents whose families hire a gerontology services person to go on a regular basis to see mom and check on things (like if she has enough clothes, or personal care items). The social worker at the AL will likely have a couple of names. Usually they are retired RN or SW who do this and make the rounds at a couple of facilities, and send an email to the kids or take a picture of mom/dad during her visit or a short video from their phone.
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