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You can go to a lawyer, but if it is 100% agreed upon between all parties and there wont be any fighting between family members. You can purchase POA & Living will directives online. I did that for myself, very cost efficient..
Just make sure you give a copy to the doctors office.
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Kookie, yes sooner the better for both of you. Every adult should have a Power of Attorney and a current Will. There's that old phase "in case you hit by a bus".

See an "Elder Law Attorney" who will ask your husband who he wishes to be his Power of Attorney. He will probably say that he want you to be, so you can be the "primary", but it is highly recommended to have a "secondary" POA, such as grown child or niece/nephew or a sibling or friend... even the Attorney, if so willing.

The Attorney will also suggest you both each have Medical Directive drawn up. This is a legal document that let's others know how to wish to be treated if you are in the hospital for a serious situation. Such as, do you wish to remain on life support, or do you wish to be taken off of life support. I know, not cheery stuff to think about, but very important.
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Thank you. It's my husband who was just diagnosed. I'm trying to figure out what and when we need to do next.
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Start planning now but before you make the appointment you should have a name in mind. You should speak to that person before to see if the person is willing. Consider someone who is younger than you maybe by 20 years. You may still be around in 20 years.
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