We would like to move our father from a Brookdale in North Carolina to another assisted living community several hours away (not a Brookdale). We are currently in a month to month agreement. The reason for the move is to have father closer to his son.

Would you please provide some guidance on how to best handle this as far as – how long of a notice should we give, do we provide a letter, are there things to be aware of in the contract, or handling moving his items out?

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I think 30 days. Always a letter. Just say that you are giving 30 day notice as of ________. We want to thank you for the excellent care of Dad and he has greatly enjoyed his stay in ur facility. Staff has been wonderful. At this time, though, we feel that it would be better to have Dad closer to his son.


Something like that. Should be given to the Administer.
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All of the answers should be in your contract. If they aren't, is there some reason why you can't ring the community's office and ask them? Are you anxious that they will take the news badly, or something like that?
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30 day written notice sent certified mail.

You are always required to give 30 day notice to allow the management time to schedule cleanings, painting and maintenance, as well as advertise the room. If you don't provide it, you may be responsible for an extra months rent. Brookdale is a large corporation and has attorney's on staff, they will pursue you. Easier to do it right.
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Look at your intake paperwork to ensure that you don't need to give 30 days notice.
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How long has he been there? Were you happy there? I am considering a Brookdale residence for my mom.

I think your reason is explanation enough, so he can be closer to his son. I suppose I would try to give two weeks to a month notice. Others can advise further. Good luck!
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cicidad Apr 16, 2019
We have been with Brookdale for years and overall things have been good. We started at a larger community and moved to a smaller one as our father aged. In the smaller community, I think its more manageable for him and I think he gets more attention from the staff. Good luck to you and your mom!

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