How do I qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid?


How do I qualify for Medicaid.

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Those over 65 get Medicare, which covers Medical costs. It is also provided to some who are on Disability, even if you are under 65.

Then there is Medicaid medical and Medicaid that covers nursing homes. If you qualify for one, I suppose you do for both, if the doctor says you need a nursing home.

Some people do have Medicaid medical ALONG WITH THEIR Medicare. It picks up that part of the medical costs that Medicare doesn't, as well as Medication, so you should not have any out of pocket for medical expenses and also NO CO-pays.

There is some out of pocket for medication, but that is very low, as Extra Help kicks in on that. My cousin has a Medication Supplemental for Medicare and that is paid by Extra Help. Your state can explain what Extra Help is. I'm not sure, but it's a great help

Also, check your state to see if they have STATE supported programs for Assisted Living if that is something that you need. Some states do if the person needs it per doctor's orders. It's paid for by the state and not Medicaid Long term care like nursing homes. However, they do have requirements for income and assets that is similar to Medicaid, but in NC it is SOMEWHAT different. As they have 3 year lookback and NOT five. Not all states have this resource.
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For more information on qualifications for Medicaid, check for your state. It will have all the information you need. You can even apply from there if you want to.
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You have to apply for Medicare and Medicaid separately. Medicare is for people over 65 who are US citizens. Medicaid is for low income citizens. If you have Medicare you most likely won't need Medicaid unless there is something exceptional going on, like entering a nursing home.

Does anyone know if Medicaid can be used if the copay and medications cost too much for Medicare to cover? I don't know how that might work.
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