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Should? Maybe you are feeling guilty you do not visit more often. Maybe someone has told you that you should visit more often. Only YOU can decide what will work in your life with consideration of your schedule and responsibilities.There is also the emotional part and difficulty for any variety of reasons. So, visit as it works for you, there is not a rule book to follow.
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Who is there (uncle, neighbor, mother, etc)? What is your relationship with them (barely know them, loving and cordial, abusive, duty-only, etc.)? How far away is the nursing home? What is your available time like (full-time job, small children at home, retired, living alone?)

A wife in a loving relationship might visit her husband with dementia twice a day. A daughter whose father abused her might attend the quarterly care conference and never actually see her father.

I live 35 minutes away from my mother's nursing home. I visit once a week. She has been a wonderful mother and I love her, as do my three sisters. If they weren't also visiting every week I would go more often. One sister lives within walking distance and visits a little more often.

There isn't a set of rules where you can look up how often you "should" go to a nursing home. If you want to provide more information you may get some suggestions. But each situation is unique.
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