How often should Alzheimer's patient get MRI scans done?


My mother had a MRI done 1 1/2 year(s) ago. The conclusion was shrinkage in the hippocampus with the likelihood of Alzheimer's. Now with a baseline, how often should she go for MRI scans to chart the progression of the disease? Every 2 years, 5 years, or never?

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I'm not a medical person, but I can't see the need for more scans unless they want a different type of scan such as a PET scan to further confirm the diagnosis.

Once a diagnosis is made, I don't see the value of putting the person through more scans. But then I feel that way about a lot of medical intervention. I'm for it if it helps, but I don't like to put someone with dementia though any more medical procedures than absolutely necessary.

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^^What she said.

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Thanks for you opinion and I must agree with not doing any unnecessary testing.

However, I am looking for a professional opinion or someone with personal experience in the matter. My mother is only 67 and in great health outside the dementia. I fear we have a long journey and charting the progression of the disease will help the family prepare.
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