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I would pay salary verses hourly. It will save money.

Is there some where for the aide to sleep if they are on the night shift? I would do rotations of 12 hours per shift or 8 hours per shift and have about 6 care givers.

A lot comes into consideration. If there is a place for the person at night to sleep then I would pay that shift less than the shift that is hands on and interactive during the day.

Good luck!
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tacy022 Mar 25, 2019
Caregiving is a non-exempt employment status, you cannot pay salary.
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Why do you need av24/7 caregiver at an AL? If your LO needs more care than the AL can give, then consider an LTC facility.
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Dubois45 Mar 25, 2019
Trying to keep parents together after 66 years together. Dad had recent decline I health & needs more care
My mom had to have 24/7 caregiver off and on in memory care. She needed someone to keep her engaged otherwise she became a danger to herself and others. She was not needing a nursing home, she still got around well, maybe too well or she would not have become such a problem.

She paid those caregivers $15.00 an hour, that was in addition to her memory care cost. Yes, it got very expensive when she needed that help. The facility was not one on one care so did not have staff to keep track of mom as much as she needed.

It happens.
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