Does anyone know how much Medicare covers for at home care not nursing care?


I'm asking about my dad. And does a supplemental medical insurance plan typically cover what Medicare doesn't?

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Great help everyone! Thank you! We are in California so calling an agency for evaluation makes a lot of sense. We are not in need right now but want to get ahead of the curve with this. Discussed with his Dr. Last week and he confirmed he would write the order when we have the need.
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I have no idea if your dad would qualify for Medicare home health. If you read the information on the Medicare link above you can see that you DO get home health services through Medicare IF you meet certain requirements. My mother had it for years. She was home bound. She lived alone. She had CHF and needed to be monitored, her med dosage fluctuated and had to be adjusted with Lasix and blood thinner. She needed blood testing periodically, she had an aid for bathing who also changed her sheets, started her washer and occasionally heated her a meal. She had OT therapy because if she didn't she wouldn't be able to use her arm and had her therapist so long that he rotated between PT and OT as she needed one rather than the other at times.
You need to understand the nursing care is usually just once a week for a few minutes unless they need to come back to provide other services like wound care or UTI test or draw blood. The aids can come several times a week are usually not there more than 20-30 min or so depending on the patient. So it's not a sitter service. It worked for my mom. Medicare pays 100%. The supplement doesn't get billed for the home health. Now I'm talking about traditional home health. I understand some states have slightly different rules. The "advantage" plans I am unfamiliar with. Also very important is that your dads dr has to order the home health. If you want to see how it would work for you, go to the home health site on Choose an agency in your zip code. Call them and ask they come to evaluate your dad for services. You could interview more than one to see how they compare. If he doesn't qualify now at least you'll have an idea of who you would like should you have a qualifying need. If he does qualify you can give them your drs name and fax number and ask them to fax the order you need. Then you can call your drs office and let them know they will be receiving the fax. I've done this a couple of times. If I change primary docs I just let the new one know who the home health is and what their numbers are. I always ask if they will write the orders and they say yes. Only knowing that your dad is depressed, I would say "dad has been a little unsteady on his feet and I'm worried he's getting his pills mixed up. I need the nurse to set them up for him. Could you please sign an order for him to get home health, a bath aid and some PT to see if we can help him out." You make it easy for them to say yes. The PT will come out and evaluate him for the therapy. No matter what his situation the therapy will help him or at least that has been my experience. This will get your dad interacting with someone several times a week. Your dr may have an agency he works with routinely. That's good too. We chose our agency because we knew one of the nurses and trusted her. You may have friends who have had good luck with their agency. The website compares them but one will probably work better for you than another. 
Medicaid requires that you qualify financially. They provide more services than Medicare but I am not familiar with them. People frequently state on this site that Medicare doesn't pay for home care. That's been their experience I'm guessing or they think you need more services than are offered. The services covered by Medicare enabled my mom to live where she wanted for several years. Her therapist put her in my car on her last trip to the hospital. If she had made it back, we would have used their hospice service. So it's all relative and we are all looking for the best fit for our loved ones. I'm using the same service for my aunt now who has been with them about four years. 
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In my experience Medicare does PT and OT and a nurse can come out and check vitals. But you can't get an aide unless a facility is there for a nursing reason.
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Medicaid (not Medicare) covers some in-home care, based on their evaluation of need.
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Medicare . gov has answers to these questions.

here is a link

You will have to check with your secondary insurer as to what they cover.
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