What is the law about time off for a live in companion?

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PS. There are professional caregivers on this site that can provide more info on time off, breaks, workplace laws.
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My quote from an agency was about $4k per month. Caregiver would get 2 wk paid leave. They need to have own bedroom and bath. The agency said this was only possible if the person (cared for) sleeps thru most of the night. In other words if 24/7 care is required where person is up all night then can't have live in.

Call a couple in home care agencies in your area for referrals and pricing. You can also check with churches with senior groups, community college CNA program that can provide advice and possible referrals.

Do background check and or hire from agency that is liscenced and insured. Whatever you choose, have a legal contract drawn up outlining wages, time off, backup caregiving in emergency, care responsibilities, house privileges, budget for household expenses, car privalege, insurance, house chore expectations, outside visitors, etc.
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