How much is the average cost of around the clock in-home patient care for someone that needs minimal care?

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It's not about how much care they need. It's about paying someone for their time to be on-the-spot 24/7.
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dennis63, on average there are 730 hours in a month. At just $10/hour that equates to $7,300/month and at $25/hour it's $18,250/month. You might be able to find several unlicensed/untrained/unbonded people on your own who might share the responsibilities of around the clock caregiving for $10/hour, but I wouldn't recommend it, unless they were well-trusted friends and/or family members.  Also, make sure you have a personal care agreement (PCA) that specifies the care to be provided, hours worked, wages, etc. explains this at
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It is not the type of care but the number of hours that you need. Insurance and taxes need to be paid and so does an agency. The caregiver should be licensed. I have seen postings from others that makes personalized caregiving cost more than assisted living upwards to 20 k per month.
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