She lives with me but has a small lot (property) that is worth about $6,000. It is in our hometown which is in another state. The trailer we lived in was on it until it was torn down about 5 years ago. So only the lot is left there now.

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Medicaid allows a home & a car to be an exempt asset. The home needs to be their residence or property with a homestead exemption. The lot in another state is going to be viewed as a non-exempt asset by Medicaid & will keep them from being eligible till sold with the proceeds from the sale spent down to medicaid limits for assets. Asset max seems to be 2k for all states.

As Pam posted, sell it. & do it ASAP.

If mom isn't a valid resident of the state she's currently living in (like she has gotten a new drivers license or state ID, has her banking to show an address in new state, etc), you need to help her get this this done before doing the Medicaid application.

All these are factors as Medicaid - although a joint federal & state program - is administered uniquely by EACH state.
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Sell the lot. When she has only $2K left in assets, apply for Medicaid.
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