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You need to contact your state's Medicaid program to see what - if any - Medicaid wavier programs are available for family caregiving.

Medicaid is a joint federal & state entitlement program that is administered uniquely by each state. Medicaid was designed to pay for skilled nursing services in a long term care facility (a NH). Now some state have waiver programs that divert funds to other ways of paying & caring for those who show the need for skilled nursing. Some states have waivers for Assisted Living (rather than them being in a more expensive NH); other states will pay a family caregiver IF the caregiver has some type of low-level caregiver training; other states will pay for 3 hours a day X 4 days for a registered home health agency to come in and help. If you are hoping for the state to pay you living wage to be a caregiver, that is NOT going to happen. The states take the position that family caregiving is done for free out of love and sense of family duty. Again what is available varies by state.

But whatever the case, they have to qualify both medically & financially for Medicaid. For financials they will need to be able to provide for a possible 5 year lookback on all their finances including all real property ownership within that 5 yrs.
For medical, they need to show the need for skilled services. Just being old, or having memory issues, or unable to drive to the grocery store is not enough to qualify. I would suggest that you first speak clearly & carefully with mom's MD to see if they will write the orders for skilled nursing services. If they won't, then mom won't get past the first hurdle for Medicaid. If they do, then start getting together all the financials to do mom's application for Medicaid. Good luck.
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