This question is for family members paid to care give through a medicaid waiver.

How does it work financially? Do you get paid enough? I know pay varies state to state, but i just want to get an idea before I meet with her DSS worker.

How many hours of care are you allowed to bill for?

Do you work completely alone or do you get some assistance and guidance from a home health company?

How does billing Medicaid work?

How does respite care work for you? Do you have someone come every week to give you a day off? Do you only get respite care for when you're going out of town? Do you struggle to find respite care?

How do you manage medicines? Do you consult with a nurse at a home health company?

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"That means that beneficiaries cannot choose their own care providers or the specific services they receive. Additionally, it’s not possible for beneficiaries to hire family members as caregivers under the HOPE Waiver program."

Now this comes from an article from July 2019 so there could have been changes. Here's the article.

I really think you really need to ask a caseworker for Medicaid your questions. Each state runs there Medicaid slightly different.
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Medicaid does not pay 100% as such. Your SS and pension have to be used then Medicaid pays. And that is not the same amount a person pays privately. My Mom paid $9600 privately. When Mom went on Medicaid she paid $1700 and Medicaid paid about 2k. Mom was on Medicaid from July 1st to Sept 17 and owed Medicaid about $5800.
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