I have a 93 year old aunt living in century village that has dementia and getting worse.

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I'm confused. These actions have already taken place, yet your initial query is as to the cost. Are you questioning the cost of the attorney or offering advice on how to handle guardianship?

And BTW, pre-hearing documentation can be delivered to the Judge's clerk for consideration prior to a hearing.

I'm glad that you're pleased with the attorney; I think the cost was reasonable.
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In AZ and CO it was around $3000, if there were no glitches, ie, no one contested it. In CO you have to pay for a background check by the bureau of investigation and a credit report. All adult children of the person in question, or anyone involved in the case needs to be notified of the proceedings and given the opportunity to object. In CO you have to pay for a court visitor to come out and determine if the person in question needs a guardian and to visit with you to determine if you are an adequate guardian.

I might have been able to do it all on my own (the steps are given pretty clearly) but it was worth the $3000 to have the lawyer set it all up.

I did have to get a neuropsych evaluation done by a phd psychologist. That report was sent to the lawyer and he will in turn hand that to the judge at the hearing. The hope is to not embarrass or humiliate (and AGITATE!) my mother by having her take the stand or having me take the stand and delineate all the things that make her not competent to handle her affairs.

So that gives you a general idea of the cost and steps involved. Your state may cost more, but I doubt it will cost much (if any) less.

1st step is to get the psych eval. If you can't prove incompetence, you can't prove a need for a guardian. Well, actually first step is to make sure that there is no one available, like adult children who want to act as guardian. If you want to fight with someone, especially your cousin over guardianship, then all bets are off as to the cost.
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Is she still competent to sign Durable POA? I'd consult with the attorney. That way you can get advice and they'll provide you with options and quotes for fees.
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Your best option is to research attorneys through the local county or state bar directory, find ones that handle guardianship, and contact several to get an estimate. It might be hourly, or a flat fee.

But do some research so that you can compare apples to apples, i.e., you want some to file papers for a guardianship (for whom, and what are that person's conditions?), whether or not there are siblings, other family (will they contest the guardianship), etc.

Draft your outline of what services you want so you can get quotes from different firms on the same work scope.
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