My mom is in assisited living home in NE. My sister whos my mom's power of attorney says if her car is valued over $1,000.00 she has to sell the car. I was wondering if this was a true fact? Do not want to see her car sold if not the fact.

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If mom is on Medicaid and paying her share of cost to AL, there won’t be money left over to pay for insurance, car registration and gas. If you want car kept, you could arrange to purchase at fair market value. And yes, some states place $$ limits on cars exempt for Medicaid.
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Alfred, that may depend on the state. I heard of an older man that had an antique car that the state said was too valuable and he had to sell it and buy a newer used car to qualify. Check with the governing state.
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You are allowed to consider one car an exempt asset for Medicaid, regardless of its value.
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Who is your Mom's Durable POA and POA for Health Care? I assume that your Mom either doesn't want to sell the car or she is incompetent to make the decision herself to sell the car so that whomever is POA ahs invoke their POA authority?

The Durable POA (your sister?) needs to check with Medicaid in Nebraska as each state requirements and guidelines are different. If she can't find an answer, then she needs to talk to an Elder Care Lawyer or a Lawyer who understand Medicaid.
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