I was just curious as to how much and what emergency supplies others keep on hand for their elder. My husband thought I was nuts because in Sept. I bought about $1000.00(I know a lot) of supplies like paper towels, toilet paper, bottled water,commode liners, kitty litter for the commode(great for odor control and to solidify liquid waste),Clorox,the brand of dog food mom's dogs eat,doggie pee pads,several 40lb. bags of rice, several cases of beans,soap,detergent,soup,2 cases of Assurance diapers(this would be 400 diapers, mom goes thru about 5 a day). I know I sound like a doomsday prepper. However, at the start of Oct. I came down with an allergy/cold or something and I was sick and practically bedbound for about 4 weeks, also with winter coming my main access to a Walmart is on an interstate that has several bridges that ice up(black ice) during the winter and I really don't want to run out of diapers.So I was wondering, do you guys think I am nuts or what?

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My husband's closet is full of the paper products and bottled water, and my closet is full of the diapers.I often wonder what the cashier's at walmart think when we have bucket after bucket of cat litter, and the 24 roll packs of paper towels(usually 5 at a time) multiple packs of diapers, enough toilet paper for an army, I sometimes get some very curious looks from them,also several bags of apples and pounds of sweet potatoes but those are for my horses.It's a curious assortment of products at the checkout.
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Texarkana, welcome to the club, I always buy in multiples whenever something is on sale. I am trying to train my parents to do the same thing but to them buying in bulk is instead of one paper towel roll, it's two paper towel rolls :P but they are getting much better.

I also always worry about being snowed in or sheer ice [scared silly of falling], always made sure the felines had plenty of food as they can't nuke a Mac & Cheese like we can :)
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I don't think that's nuts at all. I think it's good planning. There's nothing worse than running out of something and realizing that you don't have another one.
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