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Out of desperation, I had that question several times when I was caregiving both of my bedridden parents. None of my family wanted to 'elderly sit' while I go out for a few hours. I had reasoned to myself that oldest bro is next door. But in the end, I knew that if something happened, I would be held accountable. If one of them died, I would be charged with elderly neglect and even involuntary manslaughter. I ended up paying family/outsiders $10.00/hr whenever I couldn't be home.
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About as legal as leaving an infant in a crib by themselves.
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even if there was a law that allowed you to leave her...
can you really feel comfortable doing that?

Hire someone or ask a friend you trust. 

Then when you go out. you can actually enjoy yourself without any worry.

you shouldn't have to stay home forever, but don't put her at risk either.
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To me, this is a scary question. You say in your profile that you want to “go fishing”. Are you planning to leave Mom alone while you do so?

There will be no sign in the front yard that says “There is a bedbound elderly lady alone in this house.” But, you’re taking a chance. What if there were a fire? What if she fell out of bed? What if she became ill? If it was discovered that you left her alone, you could face charges of neglect and endangerment. And, if she’s vocal, it’s possible she could tell someone.

If you are experiencing burnout as your profile indicates, get help. See if Medicare will pay for a Home Health Aide. If you have any other family, implore them to provide some respite care.

To leave leave your mother alone for an extended period is foolhardy and dangerous.
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