The gentleman I care for was married to a walker for quite a while. On November 11, 2016 I moved in with Sr W. He has tried many things from hydro therapy, physical therapist, and even taking Sr. W. to listen to some bluegrass music, did not help. It seem that his normal routine schedule was more important to him. From the time he wakes up to the time how he fell asleep matter. On October 19, 2017 Sr. W, other Caregiver, and I were in a really bad car accident. After several stays at the hospital then three nursing homes Sr W. and I were able to work together and had no problem getting him to his last two appointments. That is when Sr W, his son, and I take an realize that it was time for Sr W. to come home. Tell this day Sr W. family, everyone neighbors in his home town, and a variety of friends all across the country encourages Sr W. to walk. Since the car accident I believe he has given up on trying to walk again. I know for a fact that he definitely has the straight to try to remember how to walk because every time we attempt to transfer him from one spot to another by helping him just to stand then turn and set down. He's gotten us into literally all day long accordance feelings. A good idea on his strength. When I'm holding him in a set position at the edge of the bed. I ask him to lean forward and hug me with both hand around my neck. Then when I grab ahold of his lefting belt. I ask him to go ahead and count to three and push up with his legs and turn. Then when we get to that point to slowly lower him down. It seems the more I repeat those steps the longer it's taking to enjoy a beautiful wonderful day out in the country. Please help I'm begening to think that maybe it's time for me to go and let someone else step in?

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The terms of your caregiving is that you will be a member of the family for the rest of your life? Other than marriage I'm not familiar with an arrangement like that. Where do you live?

My husband was afraid of falling, and with good reason -- he fell several times a week. Even using a walker he would fall in the middle of taking a step, and the walker would come crashing down with him. We switched him to a wheelchair. His doctor warned that he should do some walking or other exercise each day in order to maintain strength to transfer from the chair to bed, etc. No problem! My husband became much happier. He could scoot around with the chair, using his feet. He wasn't afraid of falling. He became more active again.

I suggest to you that you focus on the problem of Sr W missing out on things because he can't walk. Take him for nice walks outside using a wheelchair. If necessary get a ramp to make it easy to wheel him outside. Make other activities possible for him.

My husband made fruitcakes each year. He decided not to the first year he was ill. Then he got the wheelchair and discovered that pulling out a breadboard gave him a surface at the right height to work on, he changed his mind, made the cakes that year, and was much happier than he had been.

Not being able to walk is not the end of life! Help Sr. W to do things he likes to do, but in a new way, without requiring walking.
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Befor I except this opportunity to help a nother humanbing for the reast of my life. I accepted the fact that my life was going to chang for the better because I’m part of the family now i am in couraged to keep my promise. I have begon to do some research on physical inability to walk and i will ask hes family. I truly appreciate your response.
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This doesn't sound like fear, this sounds like physical inability to walk.

If a year of therapy hasn't shown improvement then I'd be sceptical that his mobility will improve anytime soon just because friends and family encourage him to 'try harder'.

Of course this gentleman is going to take longer to do things if he can't walk and needs help doing transfers...if that's a problem for you maybe it is time someone else take over for you.
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