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GA - if I’m not mistaken- has an outside contractor who does estate Recovery aka MERP. If so, they have a very tight & time sensitive system for MERP. Usually the first correspondence is a NOI (notice of intent) sent to whomever was the Medicaid contact person for the deceased about 90 - 150 days after state certification of death is issued. The NOI is basically a questionnaire to determine what the estate is likely to be - especially as to what assets of the estate seem to be as of DOD - and if family / heirs will themselves have an exemptions or exclusions to MERP and if family intend to themselves file for exemptions, exclusions or open probate.

The NOI is super important to be responded to. & within the narrow timeframe set forth in the NOI. 

If you plan on doing any exemptions etc, you need to start getting your documentation in detail together now so you can provide the state or its OC the info to show why no Recovery can happen or that family / heirs have their own claims or liens against the Estate.

So is there a house? Or they died with life insurance policy paid to Estate?
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You notify the Estate Recovery Unit (30 days to do this) then they will let you know the next steps.
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