My dad (dementia lewy body) was admitted to hospital with high blood pressure and suspected stroke. After test doctors ruled out stroke, kept him in intensive care. They used sedative to run test and in hospital he became violent. (which never ever happened before). He was hitting me and staff, intended to bite, hallucination increased. Did anybody had the same issue. Also, I forgot to mention at this moment doctors are trying to find for him right drugs, that help him and us manage dementia. He is eating and drinking. Thanks

My mom was like this from the time she was moved to memory care. It took inpatient psychiatric assessments to figure out what meds would work for her. That would work for awhile then back in for another psych assessment. Eventually she was kicked out of the memory care she had been in for a year and a half. She was in hospice at that time. Hospice recommended a smaller care home where all residents had been kicked out of other facilities.

My mom was a danger to herself and others. In the hospital mom was so confused, would rip out her iv's to go to nurses station to try to figure out where she was.

Always remember that some meds can have the exact opposite effect as intended. That was the case with my mom and ativan.

Eventually the doc's will figure a combo f meds that will help. Try to be patient and supportive, even to the medical staff while are trying, there s no one solution that will work for everyone.

This is very difficult for all involved, no question.
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It happens to a lot of patients who are acutely ill. Give the staff time to get proper meds in order. Some meds take a few days to kick in. Some meds that work well in the general population has a high mortality in ill or elderly patients. It is disturbing to family because all of the antics are foreign to you. I assure you it is not so in the hospital.
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