My Dad is 92 years of age, diagnosed 5 years ago with prostate cancer. This year became aggressive, now traveled to bones (ribs, hip, spine) specialist believes maybe even a secondary cancer in shoulder & base of skull. Constantly in pain even with fentenyl patches plus oral endone & injections. Not being given morphine as yet.

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Bub, so sorry to hear that your Dad's cancer is causing him so much pain!

I just recently lost a (young 54) family member to Prostate Cancer, and like your Dad, it was believed that he had additional Cancer (s) as well, probable breast, and possibly Lymphatic as well, but because he had been actively participating in a Cancer research study, once all the usual treatments had failed, and his Cancer had spread so violently, the did not pursue the additional diagnosis, opting instead to keep him on the study.

Nonetheless, the Cancers had spread, to his bones, spine legs, skull, chest wall, and it was incredibly painful.

In the fall of last year, he opted out of the study, as it was not helping him, and chose to go onto Hospice at home, and was on powerful Narcotic meds. Unfortunately, he broke his ankle, became bedbound, and for him, life was intolerable, and in February, he chose to end his life utilizing Death with Dignity, which is legal in the state of Washington. For him, living in agony, with no hope for improvement, and the long goodbye for his wife and children was too much to contemplate, and as a family, we supported his decision.

All told it was very sad, but I agree with the others, he really should be on Hospice, where they can control his pain (there are even IV Narcotics), and give the family The support services as well, to help you through his end of days, and giving him as much support as possible too!

Unfortunately, I don't think Anyone can really predict how long someone will live, even with cancer. It's just a sad situation all the way around. My heart goes out to your Dad, you and your family! Take Care!
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It's always been my understanding that in the majority of cases prostate cancer is a slow growing, non-evasive cancer.

My father had been diagnosed with it in his late 70's. His doctor actually told him not to worry about it saying dad would die of old age before the cancer became an issue. He also said "if you dug up all the men over age 80 they'd find over half of them had prostate cancer - but that's not why they died".

So with no medical training I would say - based on my fathers doctors statement- that if the cancer has spread - and it is not being aggressively treated, time will be short. Of course that doesn't answer your question and is not helpful.

Having hospice is the best indication of a timetable, I think. Individuals must "qualify" for hospice with a doctors exam/review - an estimation of death occurring within six months.

My brother had prostate cancer when he was about 57yrs old. While his doctor also told him not to worry about it at that point (yeah, right) my brother elected for surgery and had his prostate removed. I agree my brother made the right choice. Cancer at age 80 is one thing - at age 57 it's a whole other situation - slow growing or not.  IMO.

Im sorry you and your dad are having to deal with this - it's a miserable disease at any age. If hospice isn't providing morphine and you think your dad could get better relief with it - ask for it. I'm sure they will comply. However, generally fentenyl is a much stronger painkiller I guess it's all in the dosage
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yes, it is time for Hospice and controlled pain meds.
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Is he on hospice? It sounds like it is time so he can get some relief.
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