My grandpa has late stage Alzheimer's and had a fairly massive stroke last Thursday night/Friday morning (just over a week ago now). He was moved to a hospice facility on Friday, and has not regained consciousness since. He has had nothing to eat or drink since Thursday evening, almost 8 days ago. How long can he continue to hold on? The whole family has been by to see him, all his kids are there and are telling him it's okay to let go and that they love him, there's no one else he could be waiting for. He's pretty thin but was eating and drinking fairly normally up until the day before the stroke. Physically he wasn't in bad health prior to this. We all love him very much and are just exhausted and worn out from seeing him like this, and as bad as it sounds just want it to be over for both his sake and ours.

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The human body is amazing isn’t it?!
Granddads is programmed to live. It’s hard work to die. It kind of goes against the programming.
We all die in our time. One part of his system will fail, then another and he will be gone. Forever.
You will miss him and want him back. Just breath in and out and be proud to help him cross over by wishing him safe travels.
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