How long to wait before emailing pc dr. if Mother is not eating?


How long has anyone waited to call pc dr. about their elders lack of eating? I emailed tonight. I have tryed EVERYTHING, without nagging her. Now I need a white coat to step in. Even sent some pictures of plates of food to go along with email.Also seen her dumping some of her drinks down the bathroom sink. She does not know I seen her. It seems as if sometimes she will try to distract us from her plate of food. For many many years she has had a mind of her own.Is this maybe a way for her to feel she still has some "power and control" of her own? I am getting nervous about this. Will her dr help me, do you think

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I see you've just started another thread re your mother's not eating. Is there something new, besides the fact that you stated that the eating problems have existed for about 10 days (also stated in another earlier post as I recall) and that she's stubborn.

I think I would either take her to the ER or call one of her doctors and get an answer that will offer insight into this situation.
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I recall an earlier post and checked; it's:

So it seems as though this has gone on for a while.

Is your mother eating anything? Has she ever done this before? Is she getting emaciated, weak, confused, dehydrated? If any of the latter conditions exist, I wouldn't wait any longer; in fact I'd take her to the ER.

Another possibility is that there's friction between the two of you and she's like a child, rebelling and refusing to eat her food. What happens if you tell her she can eat or not; it's her choice? Then just walk out of the kitchen and leave her alone. Will she eat then?

I think reviewing the answers to your earlier post might be helpful too.
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