My mother, a Surviving Spouse of a deceased Military retiree, recently submitted VA Form 21-2680 for A&A due to certain medical conditions that restrict her from preforming daily activities. Surviving Spouse Applied for A&A, needs help from Son.

She meets four (4) ADLs (feed, prepare meals, bathing, & medication management), but is able to maintain her own finances. Her Primary Care Physician signed-off on the above form, along with VA Forms 21P-8416 (Medical Expense Report), as well as 21-534EZ (Death Pension).

Since I'm her primary caregiver and do not work, would the VA require me to undergo the fiduciary process? We both jointly own a bank account, so whatever funds are deposited, we are both aware of.

I'm asking this because my father (her husband) left her with absolutely zilch (0) after his demise, not even so much so as Survivors Benefits (SBP).

After she pays all medical expenses, including Medicare Parts B & D, as well as myself for being a live-in provider, she is left with nothing. I pay for rent and utilities out of what I receive from my mother.

How long is the process? She receives Social Security (RSDI). This is her only source of income. Nothing else.

Thank you.

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Applied for Aid and Attendance and received on May 30th and received approval for full amount after 8 weeks.
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