I am getting ready to place my mom who has dementia in a lovely and loving group home along with 4 other residents. She will have her own private bedroom and bath and good care, but I am concerned that aside from exercise every morning and a "sing-along" with a piano player on Saturdays, there doesn't seem to be much else offered in terms of stimulation. My mom has been living with me and my husband and she likes to go everywhere with me--to the park, shopping, out to lunch, etc. She is 92 and still mobile around the house, but I do use a transport chair for her if there is much walking involved. She likes to go places, but she is also very content to watch T.V. She is very cooperative and just goes with the flow (yes, I know how lucky I am!). I will be able to spend time with her several days a week, but I am concerned that while I am not with her, her days will be spent mostly watching T.V. I don't think that would bother my mom, but I feel guilty. I would like to hear from anyone who has parents in a similar situation and also in big memory care centers where there seem to be a large variety of activities to in which to participate.

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Definitely look at the activities when you pick any facility. Assisted Living where Mom is has real activities, real outings on a bus. An ALF all on one floor is ideal. Under 100 residents is good, but only five? is just too boring. On the other hand we looked at a place with 200 residents, on four floors with only one short bus. We crossed that one off the list.
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