I have three cats which would br cuddles, Baily and Pixie. They make my life entertaining in a way by pulling their usual antics either on each other, the house, or with me, They're kind of like my kids.

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I don't know what I'd do without my 4 cats (Mia-the only girl pet, Kiko, Tianguis and Casper) and 3 dogs (Tracker, Tope and Max). They give unconditional love which is something I can't say for humans.

Even though they all pull their shenanigans, they are all precious.
Tracker jumps up on people to give and get love but is 75 lbs., Max barks a lot when he wants attention (he has a seizure disorder so he's kind of spoiled by me), Tope steals ALL the balls and growls when anyone wants one.
Mia wants fresh running water so has taken to meowing anytime anyone goes near the bathroom. Kiko loves to run and jump on the bed, bouncing off the tummy of anyone unfortunate enough to be laying there. Not so great since he weighs 17 lbs. Then he "pays" for his antics by having an asthma cough. Tianguis loves Q-tips and will gladly parade around the house showing off his "prize", then proceed to "kill" it. Casper has been with us since he was 3 weeks old but he's a scaredy cat and runs at the slightest noise. He's all white so maybe that contributes to his nervousness.

That's my animal family in a nutshell. Sorry, got kinda' wordy. I love them all and they have better friends to me than my previous so-called friends.
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I got a rescue pup nearly a year ago. I really thought that my 88 year old Grandmother would love having some company while I'm at work during the day. But no, all she does is complain about the dog, which we overlook because she complains about EVERYTHING. I love this crazy little dog. Being a caregiver can leave you feeling pretty lonely and isolated. My Sofi girl always makes me feel happy.
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I love my cat.(wally) he's a kisser and a talker. and then I have a feral cat(whiney cat) in the back yard. luckily they are kitty friends. 

but wally has mega colon. so while he gives lots of love. he gives me a lot of anxiety too. cause I never know when the constipation is going hit. he takes meds thru out the day.

I have had cats all my life. idk but I think im done after these. ive thought maybe a dog. or maybe nothing at all.
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