Has anyone had experience with a Medicaid waiver? If yes, how does one qualify? My 89 year old dad’s assets are going fast!


He owns a home and commercial property. We’ve been actively trying to sell the property for the last 5 years, reducing the price substantially! Any thoughts? We’ve thought of taking a line of credit on the home, are we better off selling the home? Looking for some advice!



The problem with selling this property at a reduced price will effect Medicaid if sold within the look back period of 5 yrs. Medicaid expects property to be sold at Market value.

My advice would be to get a lawyer versed in Medicaid. The cost can come out of Dads money, Medicaid allows it. I say this because he owns property which can effect him getting Medicaid.
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I recently applied for a Medicaid Waiver in Ohio for my husband. I was told we’d have to establish a Qualified Income Trust (QIT) at a local bank (aka a Miller Trust) and deposit approximately 10% of his monthly income into it. If I want to use that money, it has to be spent for his needs, I.e., Medigap, Part D, medications, etc. This makes no sense to me as it seems like taking money from one pocket and putting it in another. Medicaid wouldn’t be paying for that stuff, WE would, just out of a different account. I’m probably being unintentionally dense-minded, but I don’t understand the advantages of the Waiver unless you’re looking for long term care in a nursing home and even that, with the look-backs, leins and total invasion of your privacy and then to be denied anyway is frustrating.
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I have experience with the HELOC loan, and considering your Dad's age, I wouldn't recommend it. You would probably be better off selling.
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