How does independent living work?

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Looking for myself currently and am not getting any straight answers just requests for banking information..not happening...none of their business. Do the facilities have complete control over your finances as with other facilities?

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We moved my mother to Ind LIVING and they requested financial info....income.assets and debts. They did not need bank acct numbers etc but some places might want to verify the information or pull a credit report. I think they have a minimum income or net worth requirement so an elderly does not move in and have no money to pay after just a few months. They do not want to evict an elderly person . They may require auto bank draft for mo payment.
Basicly it is a credit check..
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Just like renting an apt
Looking for yourself, are you??
Being an R.N., still working in the field, as well as a care taker for my husband & having had 2 of my children die in the past 2 to 5 years , both disabled & both died at age 39. I wonder where I will end up sometime but I keep so busy with everything-all gifts I have been given.
My 2 daughter's (RIP) when ever they got together would talk in front of me, "What will happen to mom?" I use to tell them," I will be forever so stop this talking...", but they wanted to know that I would be cared for. Now they are with me in Spirit & VERY REAL to me. Don't know what will happen to me but I am too busy to think of it now.
I do know that professionally, there are many good adult living complexes, homes & other places to go to. Have you considered getting help into your home to help you instead of leaving it all behind?? Just a thought.
I deal with attempting to keep people in their homes as long as possible & you so sound as if your mentally OK. There are so many alternatives for you out there & keep on this site. It is a good site with loving folks out here that can add to your decisions.
Blessings are you.
My 97 year old MIL was miserable in assisted living so we got control from the selfish son and put her in independent living. She totally runs her own life now and is very happy. She has a beautiful apartment, all her own things, and a dining room with a French chef. I wish I had it so nice instead of taking care of a family.
thanks everyone .I worked in the medical field for 30 plus years and things change so that I had to ask grateful for this website and its members.Bless you all
Are you asking for the difference between an independent living facility as compared to assisted living facility? Some places have that as the situation changes, a resident can just move up to the next level, without having to totally leave and find a new place. Independent living would be like having your own apartment. They will want financial info to run a credit check, as others have said above me. Assisted living is for when you need some limited health care back up and go to the dining room for meals or at least some meals. The fees would be higher, but again, I think all you would have to do is prove you are credit worthy and can pay your own bills down the road, as another stated above. They do not have control over your finances, but I've heard that some assisted living places require a sizable down payment or promise that you will put some assets into their name in case you don't pay or family doesn't pay. Maybe laws are different on this in different states too? They should answer your questions about WHY they want this info though! If they are not wanting to simply answer all your questions during your investigative visits, then I would want to try another place and tell them WHY you wouldn't move into their place!
My Mom has a private room in Oregon State where three levels of living are available: independent, assisted and skilled nursing care. She does not have to move.
In my experience, there are different kinds of facilities. There are some that basically seem to want you to sign over all your funds when you enter, in return for which they promise to provide the care thst you need for life; perhsps this is the sort of facility you're familiar with. The IL my mom was in was a fee for service place; it was very much like remting a hotel apartment, with three meals and weekly light housekeeping. No medication management or services like that, but lots of nice activities like painting, a stock market club and the like. You may have to make more than a few phone calls to find the right place. Several of the msle residents of my mom's place were still- working widowers who enjoyed the socialization opportunities and good cooking.
Independent living is simply age-restricted rental housing. Many independent living communities also have assisted living or personal care on the same campus.
If you are applying to rent an independent living apartment, it is normal to be asked to provide information about your income, just as you would to any landlord. Also, as someone else has mentioned, a reputable community would not want to rent to someone who cannot afford to pay for more than a short time. No one wants to see an elderly person have to move out because they can't afford to stay.
The community doesn't have 'control over your finances'. In fact, other than folks who are using Medicaid to pay their rent in nursing facilities, I can't think of any senior living arrangement where your finances would be 'controlled'. You may choose to have your rent automatically deducted from your bank account, but that would hardly be considered giving up control.
However, if you feel like the community you visited is being deceptive in some way, perhaps you should move on and look somewhere else, or bring someone with you to help sort through the application process.
In what way did it seem like they would be taking control?

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