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Hello Elizabeth!

Welcome to the wonderful community here! Plan to visit it often. I've been here since June & have made many friends who share the one thing in common that most friends & relatives can't understand.

You will find many people dealing with the same verbal abuse problem scattered all over this site.

My lovely father drives me crazy with his cussing. Mostly it's frustration with his aging limitations. Sometimes he becomes angry with me so I've started being angry right back. Not my true nature one bit,
Doesn't solve anything but I find after a blow up & cooling off period, becomes his pleasant old self again.

Your situation sounds vastly different with the history of abusive behavior. I feel for you & your husband. I hope you share this site with him.

I see you've already found Bobbie's "Grossed out" thread. She started a good one! Almost 2,300 hits. Take some time to browse it.

I wish I could think of the other threads that deal with angry outbursts. Cruise thru the community tab.

Dad is needing something ~

Simply wanted to say "Hi" & hope to see more of your posts.

Cheers ~

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