I've been helping my brother, who is a veteran, and his wife through her terminal illness. My brother is nearly blind and neither of them is capable of handling all but the most basic of their financial affairs. He is planning to move from his independent living facility to his daughter's home when his wife passes. How will this affect his VA Aid & Attendance Benefits and what steps does the VA require we take when his wife dies and he moves?

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Pose this question to an elder law attorney.
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Get ahold of your county Veterans service office. If they’re not available due to your local, contact the closest Veterans’s Regional Office in your state. Best wishes.
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Thank you all. I will start working with a lawyer specializing in VA matters
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Please get an Elder Law Attorney involved in this process. That is the only way to ensure there will be no loss of VA benefits.

I know from experience that the amount both he and his wife together are receiving will go down somewhat just by virtue of the fact that he is now the only one covered by the benefit package.

When my Dad, the veteran, passed away, I had to initiate the whole process again and refile all forms, and provide all proof of need for just my Mother. However, my Mom was still in the AL, so the need was still great. With your brother moving in with his daughter, she will need to have a lawyer compose a Caregiver Agreement stating the costs of her services and any variables in cost consistent with her dad's needs.

This entire process is very tricky, so it would be in your brother's best interest to engage a lawyer from the start.

Good luck with all of this, and I am so sorry that you all are experiencing such loss and turmoil. God Bless!
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So piggybacking on the previous answers, I understand that it’s important to have a care contract, rental agreement etc. between the child and her dad to show dad has care expenses ongoing. If he now has no living or care expenses reported he may lose even his portion of A&A. The VA rep could possibly advise on this point as well.

edit. Depending on dad’s health condition, it may be time to file for Medicaid for long term care. He can’t receive A&A and Medicaid at the same time.
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His Aid & attendance will be lowered when his wife passes, this is because the amount he receives now is based on him being a veteran with a spouse.
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This is really a question for your local VA office. If they were collecting as a couple, once she passes there probably will be a reduction. Since its based on care needed and he is living a facility, daughter may have to show that care is continuing in her home. A&A is based on care being more than the income they receive monthly.
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