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Caregiving benefits are not very good through the VA. I will eventually get around $154 per month for quitting my job and staying home to care for my husband.
He is a disabled veteran from pre 9/11 2001. Caregiver filing as caregivers for veterans after the 9/11 date do get better benefits.

Talk to a VSO...Veteran Service Officer, they can do the application with you and help you immensely.

They also can help you find the benefits you qualify for.
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Research VA Aid and Attendance or contact VA for info. There are forms available on line for applying for this benefit. Note, it can take up to six months for processing but if approved benefits will be retroactive from date forms received.
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In 2003, Congress changed the VA rules to make the benefits almost exclusive for low income people. If you are low income, LTC might be covered. Same with Medicaid.
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