I am currently caring for my mother who was diagnosed with renal failure and congestive heart failure back in May. She also has diabetes along with high blood pressure. She qualified for Medicaid but it was taken away due to her being given Medicare. (That’s what we were told anyway) I quit my full time job to take care of her as soon as she was diagnosed as her health took a major turn for the worst. I was able to become her caregiver through an agency here in NEW MEXICO but my job ended with her Medicaid back on October 31. I called today on her behalf to have her placed on the list for a Medicaid waiver to help pay for her personal care services.. Does anyone know how these work? The lady I spoke with was helpful but not very informative. She stated that she was going to send all of my mothers info over to her supervisor to see if she’d be granted an exception for the waiver and if so paperwork would be sent out for us to fill out. If that exception is granted does that mean that she was approved for the waiver or does that mean that she was granted acceptance onto the waiver waiting list? Im a bit confused. She stated that “it” could take up to a couple of months. Anyone have any info on how these work? Is information reguarding the applicant normally sent off to supervisors? Has anyone had any experience with these waivers? Thanks to anyone who can help!

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