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Here is what I do with my mother who has advanced Dementia and Anxiety - I just go along or agree with whatever the crazy issues are unless she is about to physically harm herself. I play along with her for a short while and then redirect her to something else. Most of time it works sometimes I have to be very creative but whatever works and who cares if she think the sky is purple polka dotted? Also Anxiety meds helped her a lot.
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Ebenhausen, is your mom under the care of a geriatric doctor? They may have ideas to help reduce her anxiety.

My granny would hide her stuff and then accuse her daughter of stealing from her. She couldn't help that she didn't know what was going on and it was difficult and sad. My step mom would just ask her to help her look for whatever was missing and tune out the accusation. It was not easy for her at first but, she did eventually come to terms with the fact that granny wasn't living in the same reality as the rest of us.

There were many tears as she dealt with losing her mom one brain cell at a time.

Great big warm hug! Dementia just stinks and is so hard to deal with.
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Ebenhausen, Welcome to forum. Looks like you are a newcomer. I have many happy memories of antiquing with my bro in Carlsbad.
It will help us enormously if you fill in your profile. Looks like you are caring for your Mom. The more information we have the more we can give you some help from our experiences. We need more information on your question. After you fill in the title of the question there is a whole area in which you can elaborate on what is going on.
So what is going on? How old is Mom? Is she in your care? Does she live with you, or do you live with her? Does she have a diagnosis of Dementia and if so, for how long. Did these paranoid delusions come on quickly, or have they been worsening over time?
Does your Mom have a regular MD or specialist, and have these symptoms been reported? What has been tried that isn't working?
Thanks for more info, and, again, welcome.
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