Once Medicaid kicks in, and your mom is in assisted living,and you are only allowed to have $2000 in assets, which can be in the form of a bank acct, a vehicle etc., how is a person (daughter) supposed to take care of and pay for such things as a storage unit to hold all mom's stuff since she’s in assisted living? Will they allow that fee to come out of her bank acct?

I think the 2k can only be used for personal needs. But need to ask Medicaid.

I would get rid of what she is not using. She will not need it again.
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I've seen a lot of families pay for a storage facility for years only to end up disposing of the items in it after death. It seems like a waste of money to me. Is there hope she will return home? If not it might be more practical to get rid of the items now instead of paying to store them.
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Typically, when Medicaid is footing the bill for an AL or nursing home, the family has to pay all the bills (if they choose to do so) because mom income goes to the facility. And as far as the money in her account, yes like isthisreallyrealsaid, ask medicaid. She should be able to do what she wants with that $2k since she’s allowed to have it, it may not have to be used toward her care but don’t forget, it will only last so long. She won’t be able to pay for a storage unit for years to come. But it’s really a question for Medicaid. Medicaid isn’t going to allow your mom to keep money to pay any bills or rent a storage facility so the question is, what can you do with the $2k in her account. And again that $2k will run out and when it does, you or another relative will have to pay the bills IF you choose to
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You really need to speak with the social worker at Medicaid that is assigned to your mom.

Each state is different and it would be your best bet.
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