Mom is at home with our brother, she is needing more care and wants to be at home as long as possible.

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lolson2, Geaton777 gave some excellent advice. Following is an article about personal care agreements and a template for creating one:
Best wishes.
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Before going down this path there are a lot of legal pitfalls that can happen since the care receiver (the one paying for the care) would technically become an employer. This requires some legal protocol to satisfy employment and tax laws (paperwork, filing, record-keeping, etc). Many on this forum have used employment contract templates to use for protections. Also, if the caregiver is living in the home of the care receiver, this can also get dicey if relations go bad. I would start by making a smart investment and talking to an elder care attorney. This will most likely save you many headaches in the future. Also, when a senior LO plants their flag in the ground on being at "home for as long as possible", there are financial and familial implications to this that they may not be looking at in a logical and rational way. Eventually as this LO declines many family members start orbiting around them and exhausting the caregiver/family members mentally, emotionally and financially. Good luck!
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