He’s positive our dtr is coming. I’ve mentioned this to her & her response was “she can't help it”. I’ve also started guardianship & conservatorship, not sure how long all that takes. Thank you for listening!

Find Care & Housing
It may be time to look into placement for him in a Memory Care Assisted Living residence. If he gets very angry, don't let things get out of hand before calling 911 to get him taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation! Dementia/ALZ can turn ugly quite quickly and you don't want him hurting you in any way, even if he 'doesn't mean it'. See if the medication helps, and if not, look into placement for him, especially based on what you said in your profile.

Here is a link to some info about sundowning with tips for you to try:

Good luck!
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Until you have medications that might help try one or more of the following.
Increase lighting. Switch lights to LED's they are brighter
Close blinds and drapes as it gets closer to getting dark. Leaving blinds or curtains open you get a "mirror like effect" so you can see your reflection. (My Husband used to wave at the man he saw in the window in the kitchen door, he would laugh when the man waved back) But this can be confusing and possibly frightening for some.
As he is pacing and getting irritated try to have him sit and relax while he is you wait try to redirect with something to occupy him "until she gets there". If he continues to get upset you can tell him that she had problems with the car, she can not make it tonight. Or other "Therapeutic fib" But do not bring it up unless he does. Then gently coax him to bed.
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Talk to his doc about it. There are meds that will help.
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Bogartsmom Oct 27, 2020
Thats my next step. He’s started Trazadone, the 50 mg snowed him the next day so cutting the rx in 1/2 seems to help with sleep. I see Seroquel mentioned often, I can request a trial. Thank you!
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