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If you feel you’re parents could make good on these threats, you need to take them both to a geriatric psychiatrist and have them evaluated. It may be as simple as a medication adjustment or as serious as finding them an alternative place to live.

Its something that you have to decide how much you will put up with. Will you tolerate being hit, punched, choked, slapped, bitten, spit on, having poo thrown at you, clawed, etc.? These are all things other posters here have said their parents have done to them. Are you willing to lock up knives, scissors, hammers, and anything else that could be used as a weapon? Can you sleep with one eye open? Are you prepared for the fact that if they have dementia, it will only get worse and you will be double-teamed?

Do you do this alone? If your parents are threatening violence, you probably won’t get an aide to come in and stay. Above all, you need to do what you need to do to protect yourself and be realistic about the situation.
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That's a really broad question.

Does the person have dementia? Are they on calming meds? I'd look into that.

Is this a new development? Have they been checked for a UTI?

If this is a regular thing, I'd say that it's time to get the person admitted to a geripsych unit and either memory care or NH after meds are titrated.

In the case of threatened violence, I wouldn't hesitate to call 911 and have the person transported to the hospital.
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