Yikes! I feel like I have a loaded question here. My mom and I are on our own. We live together in my house in Florida. We’ve lived in Florida for a very long time and neither of us are happy and would like to move out of state. Because living together has been stressful for both of us and neither of us can keep up with taking care of a house we’ve decided she would like to live in an assisted living facility with light care and I would find an apartment not too far away.

Here’s the problem. My mom is on SSI (she didn’t have enough quarters for SSD or regular social security after 65) and I just started getting SSD last month after YEARS of trying. My mom sold her home a couple months ago because she was living here with me already after a 2 month long stay in the hospital and being on hospice for a year. She was diagnosed with end stages of COPD and is oxygen dependent, but she does very well on her own. Hospice pulled out early last year.

I feel like because she officially lives with me now she’s holding on to her SSI by her fingernails! Since her address changed they’ve reduced her monthy check significantly and now she has another review at the end of November and she just had one last year! I’m scared! My income can’t support us both! I’m extremely stressed. I love my mom, but I’m 37 and I’ve been trying to live my own life for 7 years. Some days I don’t think I can take another day. I’m on the brink of insanity here. Please don’t judge me guys. I have my own issues. I have severe depression and suffer from anxiety as well. Every molehill feels like a mountain. Every small defeat feels like the end of my world. Nothing has gone right for so long. I need a break!!! When my mom first came home from the hospital she acted like she had dementia. We still don’t know why. She couldn’t walk either. It all fell on me and me alone and I was barely functioning on my own. I don’t mean to be mean, but I am not a caregiver. I can’t handle anything medical. I read some of these questions and cringe. I’m also OCD and having to deal with anything medical related is absolutely terrifying. Luckily mom is pretty functional on her own now. More so than me! I just know if she gets bad again I can’t handle it and want to prepare for that. So to get to my actual question (sorry for venting) are there assisted living facilities where they take people with SSI? And are they horrible? Would my mom have to have a roommate? She’s barely ok with assisted living. She would hate having to share a space. She still wants her independence, freedom, privacy, and her small dog. So is there any hope? Her check should go back to the normal amount once she’s no longer sharing a residence with me. She’s 65 and she has Medicare and Medicaid. If you need any more info please ask. I just need help! We were planning to move to NC, but my mom is willing to move to another county in FL if we can’t.

Thank you you for taking the time to help and for reading all of this.

First mom would have to reapply for Medicaid if she decided to move to another state. Secondly I believe that many AL do not except Medicaid as payment, and Medicare doesn’t pay for long term care.
I take it your mom didn’t make any extra money from the sale of her home. That could possibly finance some time in an AL. Others will come along to offer who are far more knowledgeable than I but from what I’ve read here not many Medicaid beds exist in AL and they are given out through a state waiver program.
You will have to apply for subsidized housing or be able to rent your own apartment anywhere? I believe the subsidized housing is a federal program that gives rent vouchers to low income folks.
So you may need to stay in Florida for your mom’s Medicaid until you pick where you want to move and re-apply for Medicaid there.
Good luck!
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