Home smells like a nursing home bad. Taking care of my mother all my clothes and things are starting to smell like urine. I am spending over $100 a month in candles and incense and it just masks it. If I have to leave for a few days, my brother helps but he is learning disabled and when I come back it's REALLY HORRIBLE SMELL. what is the best thing to use stop the house and my things in the home from smelling like a nursing please help!!!!!

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Put bowls of vinegar around. My Mom had an accident. I used dish soap, Pinesol and bleach and the smell still lingered. A friend told me vinegar. Within an hour I could tell the difference. A day it was gone but a left it out a day or two longer.

When it comes to urine, do not let clothes sit in the laundry. Even if its just hand washing, soak in vinegar water at least, ring out and hang out. Dryers will bring out the smell. Then wash the clothes when you wash everything else. Sheets should be washed right away, use vinegar in the wash and rinse water. The smell will dissipate. I used a trashcan that you use ur foot to open the lid. The lid came over the edge. I lined it with a plastic bag. They have those round sticky fragrance discs I put inside the top. This is where I put diapers and wipes. It was small trashcan so it was emptied when it filled up. Or get a diaper Genie.

There is a product that helps with urine, just can't remember the name.
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I understand. In our case, “cleanliness is next to Godliness”. If your mother is not wearing incontinence briefs already, she needs to start. Make sure Mom herself is absolutely as clean as possible. If there are leaks or splatters, floors need to be mopped. I use Lysol. If she has regularly wet on rugs, furniture or mattress, those unfortunately need to be replaced. I’ve found that once the smell gets into them, anything you use to clean is just covering up the odor. Fans and open windows also help. Change and wash sheets daily. Use mattress and furniture protection. It’s an ongoing battle.
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JoAnn29 Apr 11, 2019
You can get water resistance covers for sofas and chairs. I actually came across an old crib pad that was water resistant and used it on Moms chair.
Is this urine smell being caused by your mother? If this is due to her being incontinent, then, I would stop the urine from getting on furniture, floor, etc., by placing her in Depends and supervising her at all times, so as to prevent contamination of house. Is your special needs brother able to do that for your mother? If not, I'd not leave her in his care.

I hope you get some suggestions on getting the existing smell out, but, I might consider throwing the worst things out or hiring a professional cleaner.
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