I have noticed for myself that taking a shower is like going to the gym for a work out. It can be very exhausting for many seniors. Especially if one has memory issues, and/or mobility issues, etc.

Another thing, some seniors become claustrophobic when in a shower. Especially if there are glass doors. I know for myself, I need to keep the far door open a couple of feet. Sitting in the tub works but it is a major chore getting in to sit down, and more so trying to get up :P

Then there is the fear of falling. If your love one is using a moisturizing liquid soap and/or hair conditioners, it will make the floor of the tub/shower feel like an ice rink, even with a tub mat inside. I almost slipped the other day.

Towel drying isn't easy. I find myself hopping around trying to get one foot and leg dry, can be a challenge. So easy to get one's feet tangled up in the towel.

A parent doesn't need to shower daily, twice a week or once a week is good enough, unless they are doing hard labor. If a parent is a Depends wearer, baby wipes work quite well between showers. Recently I found a product called “Water Wipes” in the baby section, quite pleased with the wipes.
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Use no rinse products:  no rinse shampoo and no rinse soap.   They're a lot safer than having someone get into a shower, even if that person is wheeled in.

Make it a happy event by treating the person afterward, with an activity that's not challenging but is rewarding, something the person can do despite dementia.

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Go to YouTube and search "Teepa Snow" videos. She shows how to get a dementia patient to shower. She also has over 100 other videos addressing many caregiver issues.
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