Mom had her gall bladder removed, then developed pneumonia, spent 9 days laying in hospital bed, she can not stand for more than 1 minute, and is totally incontinence, plus she had dementia. As of now mom is in rehab, but she only has Medicare and they only cover 21 days, sis (who has POA), refuses to sign her up for Medicaid which would cover additional days. Which she will need. sis just says "we'll see how she is in 21 days." Problem, sis also empties mom's bank account as soon as her SS goes in. Once the 21 days runs out, rehab wants cash to pay for additional days until Medicaid comes through (If she signs her up). How do I get mom the help she needs???? and I can not afford a lawyer. I feel so overwhelmed and frustrated.

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Who is caring for mom at home?

If you are not involved in doing the hands on caregiving, your job is to visit and cheer mom up.

Are you saying that your sister is using mom's funds for her own expenses? Or is she paying mom's expenses with those funds?

If the sister is stealing, call Adult Protective Services.
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Medicaid application can take time - I suspect your sister wants to avoid the financial disclosure, etc., that is involved in the application.  I trust any of Mom's money is being only used for Mom's benefit (not for Sis) - otherwise I think we are talking financial abuse of an elder here, which should be reported to Adult Protective Services. Denying Mom help in getting suitable rehab would be abuse IMO.
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