89, confused, getting lost and she's still driving? No. As stated, disable or remove the car. ASAP. Unsafe and you will feel guilty if you continue to let her drive. Personally, I wouldn't bother with DMV, just get rid of the car cuz she probably won't care if she has a valid license. She'd probably drive without it.

Call her doc and ask for a referral to neuro, explaining her symptoms. Is she living alone? If so, looks like that might need to come to an end soon or else she will at least need help at home.

Good luck.
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I think ur message cut off.

You need to take her to a neurologist. You also need to have him contact DMV to take away her license. This could take a while so in the meantime disable the car. Or, tell her your taking it for an oil change and hide it. Out of sight out of mind.
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