He's lied to us, went behind our backs and he's been in trouble in his past and we asked him before he became our administrator of the estate. How do we fire him as our attorney, and administrator of the estate?

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Your states Bar Association should have a very specific system for you to do to work out issues between atty and clients.

Also if you are a named heir in the valid will that was used to issue Letters Testamentary, you might want to contact probate court to ask for an “in chambers” meeting with the staff attorney for P.C. to discuss your concerns. Not all P.C. have full time staff attys. & if so it may take weeks to schedule in-chamber.

Before you do anything though I’d suggest you get a copy of the docket and request a copy of all documents filed & orders done. P.C. is all open records I think for all states so you can get these easily for minimal cost. Perhaps even as an on line download. Really you need to know the exact timeline of what has happened.

Out of curiosity, usually the executor is a family member (often the one that was the DPOA) as per named in the will. That didn’t happen for you, why??? Was this atty named in the will to be executor/ administrator? OR is this a big enough estate that it actually needs serious admistration? OR was atty named by probate judge? If the latter was there some kinda problem within will or family situation that required an outside administrator?
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