I do not want a ton of calls after I search to see who has Medicaid approval on memory care housing. Is there a way to get a list in your area most of what I see is you have to send an inquiry and they call and then you spend hours wasted cuz its not for you.

Memory care is usually private pay. You need to check with Medicaid if they are covered in your State. Medicaid may also be able to tell you the NHs that will Use Medicaid.
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Many good places do not advertise that they have Medicaid beds. I would look for places you like and then call and ask that question. That's what we did.
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It is sad that we have to feel so vulnerable in these situations. I understand that you are only looking for information. It’s a shame that you feel as if you are being forced to jump through hoops in order to collect the facts that you need to make your decision. I am sorry that the process isn’t more streamlined and easier to access. It’s frustrating.

Wishing you peace as you navigate your way through this difficult time in your life. Best wishes to you. Keep us posted and please share anything that other people will find helpful in their needs in dealing with similar circumstances. Take care.
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